What is MEMOPRINT Mobile?

MEMOPRINT Mobile are smartphone and tablet Apps to create personalised photo products on iOS and Android devices. The quickest and simplest way to create a beautiful photo book, a large custom canvas print, custom photo presents and other personalised things. MEMOPRINT Mobile is the new trend to do something memorable and valuable with your photos. MEMOPRINT Mobile is a revolution: MOBILE - SMART - INSTANT.

Why is MEMOPRINT Mobile so special?

MEMOPRINT Mobile brings mobile personal creation to reality. Without compromising the desire to get nice, well done designs. We believe it is the first app in the world that can do that. That's because MEMOPRINT Mobile is SMART and can create well designed layouts on your mobile INSTANTLY. For example, a photo book with 100's of photos and over 100 pages - done in a matter of seconds. Or a fantastic large format photo print on canvas for your home or office decoration, photo prints and photo gifts. MEMOPRINT Mobile also offers individual creative options to add your personal touch, with layouts, designs, texts, etc., directly on your mobile device.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet while I create on my mobile?

No need. You can create with MEMOPRINT Mobile anytime, anywhere. For example, create your holiday book while you are on a plane. You can interrupt, save locally and continue your projects any time. Just complete your ordering and payment process when you are on the ground again and initiate the order upload process which will run while you are connected.

How do I register for MEMOPRINT Mobile?

Simply register with an email and password on your mobile device. If you are registered on MEMOPRINT.com.hk, you can login straight with your email and password.

How do I enter the registration/delivery address?

You can enter the billing and delivery address during checkout of your order on mobile. Automatically fetch addresses from your mobile address book for your perfect convenience.

How do I upload my order?

Once your payment is confirmed, your order upload will be initiated immediately. The upload status will be visible directly in the app. Please ensure that you have enough connection time to complete the upload. In the case of 100's of photos it may take a while, however, in case you'd be interrupted you can always resume the upload by re-opening the app when you are connected again. Once we have all your photos uploaded, MEMOPRINT will start production right away.

How quickly will my products ship?

You can enjoy top quality products and lead-times such as communicated at www.memoprint.com.hk.

How can I get in touch with MEMOPRINT?

Please write to us about your questions and feedback via the webmail link on MEMOPRINT.com.hk or feel free to call one of our service hotlines.